The Shop Window – Website Videos

Whether you are a start-up or have been established for many years your website represents your non-physical shop window. It is more than often the first place a client will look when searching for your service. Everyone spends a great deal of time perfecting the over-all ‘look’ of that window, fine-tuning the branding, ensuring the written content is attractive and informative, making sure the correct keywords are used and SEO are all part of your website build and design, how much thought is given to your website video content?

Does It Shout Loud Enough?

Now more than ever, amongst the sheer volume of web traffic, the ability to attract and engage visitors on your website is critical to the success of a business. Video has the unique ability to deliver a message super fast, the human brain can only process a limited amount of information at any given time. Data that is given visually such as a compelling photograph or video will always take precedence over text alone. Humans are also visual ‘readers’, with over 93% of all human communication being non-verbal. Creating website videos about your product, business and brand in combination with text elements is a much better way of communicating to your target audience. Simply put,  a website that is very text heavy with few visual elements it will be far less appealing and will have far less impact to people in comparison to a website that is visually pleasing and communicates effectively visually.


We Are All Human

There is nothing quite like video to personalise your business brand. You can write pages and pages on your website about how friendly you are, how hip, cool and fun you are but your website visitors will not be able to ‘see’ this. Video allows you to SHOW your potential clients your values, your ethos, your business personality, in a way that text can’t. Custom video has the unique advantage over other forms of content because it doesn’t just tell clients what you do, who you are and what you deliver it SHOWS them and this will engage your website visitors in your website and business.

Make It a Sticky One!

A video on a home page or website landing page provides a passive engagement medium where visitors can absorb and experience your message with very little effort. Most people will leave a web page between 10-20 seconds, data has shown that using video on a landing page can increase the time a visitor will stay on your page, it makes the page ‘sticky’, this increase in time spent on your website by visitors will boost your websites rank with Google.

Google and YouTube

If you have a video produced for your website, get yourself a YouTube Channel. Did you know Google owns YouTube? If you really want to maximise your SEO benefit as the result of your video uploading it to your own YouTube channel and sharing the video through your social media networks will give your business added reach.

Visual Media Marketing

At Firetree we can deliver not just website videos but can professionally deliver all the visual elements that put your website ahead of your competition. A combination of professional video and bespoke photography will ensure your business is unique, giving it impact right at the point of contact with new clients, just as a shop front will attract passing street trade.


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