Website Video

Website Video

Now more than ever, among the sheer volume of internet traffic, the ability to attract and engage visitors on your website is critical to the success of a business. Video allows you to deliver a message fast and, with our natural preference for reading body language, creates a far stronger connection to your audience than through text or even image.

Our videos can:

  • Tell the story of your business
  • Introduce your team
  • Show client testimonials
  • Describe a product or service
  • Personalise your brand

Make your website sticky!

Video is great for your search engine ranking.

A video on a website landing page encourages people to spend time there. While most website visitors leave within 20 seconds, pulling your audience into a video will encourage them to stay longer. Videos make your website ‘sticky’, and search engines love that.

Website video will showcase your business

Having video on your website will only bring people in if it’s professional and represents your business well. We have the skills, and everything you need, to create films which do you justice.

The great thing about our team is we’ve got the whole package covered; whether it’s location shoots (including drones and 360 cameras), video production, video editing, content marketing or lifestyle and documentary photography of your company at work.

Having Firetree provide the visual, will put the focus on your brand.

It’s the Story you Tell, not the Product you Sell

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