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This week I had the pleasure again to have 4 members of the Vanilla Recruitment team visit my studio for their professional corporate photography. Vanilla Recruitment is a recruitment agency based on Coventry Road in Market Harborough. It must have been at least three years ago I was first commissioned by Vanilla to visit their old offices on St Mary’s Road in Market Harborough to photograph their team. The brief was to produce a consistent clean and professional portrait for all their team members.

Since the initial contract I have photographed quite a few new team members over the years as they have joined the branch, the last two sessions have been at the studio in Tur Langton. Vanilla need a consistency to their images which are used both on a ‘photo wall’ behind their reception area at their premises on Coventry Road, on their website and social media. Ensuring the images of their staff on social media and in marketing are professional and consistent ensures Vanilla’s image reinforces the professional quality and standard of service they deliver. Vanilla, as a recruitment agency not only need to ensure their outward profile appeals to businesses, it also needs to appeal to clients looking for work and images need to portray trust, professionalism and they need also to be welcoming.

Vanilla Recruitment – Reception photo wall (Mobile phone image)

I have used (that dreaded!) white background in these portraits, but the clean look, especially in black wand white, really suited their website design. When clients book with Firetree for their corporate photography, it is never a case of ‘one size fits all’. Every company is very different in their branding and self identity, my initial conversation with any company booking a session is always to find out what sort of image their business is wanting to put out to the world and if it is a large company with staff that may not always be able to make the shoot dates, we discuss how to manage the sessions and future sessions, to maintain a consistent brand identity.

As always the sessions with Vanilla are informal and fun and over the years I have made some friends and also photographed babies!

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Kyra Williams – Principle Photographer.