What Next | Planning a Post-Pandemic Media Campaign

Business Media – 5 Tips on Planning a Post-Pandemic Media Campaign

  1. Market your unique position.
  2. Take a new look at your product.
  3. Inspire hope.
  4. Future Proof.
  5. Contribution instead of conversion.



Business have started to get back to work, as we shift from crisis to recovery how do we start to plan a media campaign? What messages should your marketing communicate and where do you start with a new marketing strategy? Consumer confidence and mindset is not the same as it was pre-pandemic how do businesses evolve and change their marketing strategy to meet the new environment and new consumer needs? This blog will give business owners large and small some ideas as to how to plan your media and stand out as they begin to bounce back from the Covid crisis.

Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy always comes before good media campaign. Without a clear idea on what you want the media to communicate and your reasons for behind it, your marketing may fall on deaf ears, may not stand out as unique to you, and may not be worth the investment. Covid-19 created a unique set of challenges over the last few months. The key to crisis management during the pandemic has been to keep customers and employees safe while keeping the business going. Many businesses managed to thrive during the pandemic by meeting new increased demands, others have had to evolve their business in order to stay in business, remote working for example and at the other end of the scale, many businesses have been unable to trade at all. We are now past the ‘crisis’ stage, where do you start with post-pandemic strategy and marketing?

5 Tips on Planning your Media Campaign

 1.  Market Your Unique Position.

Have a look at your role in the market and consider these questions about your position in the market. Where are you in the current market? Where are you going? Will your business remain unchanged as it re-opens, will you quickly re-gain the months lost? Can you offer something that will accelerate growth as it supplies a product or service in high demand?

Consider the questions and conduct some competitor research to understand where you sit in the current market. If you see something that makes you different to your competitors or offers customers something they need, consider this as a subject for your campaign.

2. Take A New Look at Your Product.

Look carefully at your product or service and consider what features and benefits are more or less valuable to consumers as they make choices after the crisis? Look at your product through the eyes of your consumers, what is their experience of this now? If you have a product that stands out as being more valuable in the post-pandemic world, create a marketing campaign based on it’s value.

3. Inspire hope.

The world has been through a trauma and your post-pandemic media campaign needs to stay positive and provide customers with a positive outlook. If you create videos or visual marketing that fills the viewer with a feeling of safety, hope or inspiration, you will be attracting positive attention that will build brand awareness and trust in whatever product or service you sell. Consider creating media that connects well with your consumers, that is not a sales pitch but gives them a sense of reassurance or wellbeing.

4. Future Proof.

We don’t have a long term view of the post-pandemic world, how can you protect your business in the long term? What products or services do you offer that can withstand the uncertainty of the market. Focus on these specific services for your media campaign.

5. Contribution instead of Conversion.

It is important during this time of business ‘bounce-back’ to focus on value. There is going to be a recovery period that needs consumers to think and act very differently than before. Cultivate compassion and care in your marketing, help your audience with useful resources that allow them to educate themselves for free and develop your media campaign around your dedication to provide assistance to others. Urgent and aggressive sales pitches could come across as insensitive or ignorant so consider media that adds value to your customer.

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Of course every business and brand will have a unique set of needs and have very different experiences during the crisis. It is important that before you invest in media, you think carefully about the messages you want to communicate. It isn’t the same world as it was before so whatever your product, you will need to re-think your approach.

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