Twelve Years On | Let’s Streamline

It has been 12 years since Firetree started and as with most businesses it has evolved as it has grown. Having had an extremely busy summer we have spent a couple of weeks having a business review.


Over the last 12 months all the families, weddings, children and businesses that have been videoed and  photographed, all but a handful have booked off-site, in gardens, at country houses, in office or warehouse premises and as much as having a studio base is lovely, there is not much point if it isn’t used for its original purpose. So Firetree is moving to a smaller office and is expanding it’s photography and videography mobility. A new meeting/viewing room is in progress and will be up and ready at the beginning of November.

Business Portraits & Visual Media

WIBN PROMOTION from Firetree Visual Media on Vimeo.


The majority of  business clients are asking that we attend on-site for either lifestyle, natural photography or for business portraiture taken with our mobile studio and backdrop. This works very well and not only gives businesses a range of visual media for their marketing but makes it less time consuming for staff members. Videography again is conducted on location so all together this makes having a studio base a little redundant.


Video and Photography Workshops

Coming in 2018 will be a series of workshops and taster sessions on business photography and video production. We are researching venues to host these events and will update you as soon as dates become available.  We have recently been awarded an NBV European Union funded development grant to support this area of our business.

All Good Things



Quite a few changes are happening in the Firetree World so please bear with us while we go through this transition period. A new, more efficient and streamlined Firetree is coming your way.


Kyra Williams

Principle Photographer/Videographer

Firetree Photography & Visual Media.