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The Brief

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Business Photographer Peterborough: This summer has been particularly busy with business head shots. For Taylor Rose Solicitors we were asked the best way to produce professional portraiture which were clean, professional but still approachable. We gave the marketing team at Taylor Rose Solicitors a couple of styling options to photograph the 60 plus team. Their website at the time had a range of photography styles and images were displayed in landscape orientation. Our first option involved a grey backdrop for a very slick look, the second involved using the busy office as background to give energy to the portrait. Our final proposal used the office as background and we even gave styling advice to the attendees so they all arrived with suits and a splash of colour for the shoot!


The Shoot



We often arrive at shoots without seeing the venue in advance, it makes our job particularly interesting, deciding on the day not only what background would be the most attractive to photograph against, but logistically where we can shoot so as not to get in the way. As a two day shoot, it was imperative that we kept business disruption to a minimum and could photograph attendees comfortably without them feeling they had an audience, and to also photograph quickly.  No one likes being photographed in front of all their work colleagues and it is a very busy office!


Of course we had the perfect location, scouted out in advance by the Marketing Department. It took a little bit of photoshop to remove some ‘Micky Mouse’ ears that were sprayed onto the glass panels in the background…(a remnant of a Christmas party)!


The End Result

The two day shoot went well and everyone had arrived wearing their suits and shirts, we kept the pose relaxed but professional and kept a consistent style so all the portraits sat well together.  With minimal disruption to the office and sessions taking just a few minutes it was a very enjoyable shoot.

Not all businesses are the same so it is important that time and consideration is given before the shoot to plan how the end portraits should look. We work to a basic brief and always offer a few suggestions as to how they could look.

For information about our business portraiture please contact us. We photograph businesses of all sizes!