The Health Kick | Social Media Marketing

A Visual Media Smoothie Boost!

Meet Louise:

Louise runs a company called the Health Kick. Her holistic approach to weight loss is unique to many on the market in that she aims to educate her clients and guide them towards a lifestyle change.  She doesn’t offer a quick fix diet to loose weight but an approach to fitness, health and wellbeing that will give her clients a lifetime of healthy living.

At our initial consultation we looked at her current visual media content we summarised that her business was predominantly marketed through Facebook and a closed Facebook group. Not having a website meant that she was relying entirely on this audience to interest new clients and business. Although informative Louise felt her engagement was low. Being early in the year Louise is currently promoting and discussing detox and healthy living. Her detox approach is not for her clients to loose weight but to “cleanse the body, retraining the palate and kick start the metabolism” aimed at providing a starting point for a new fitness and healthy eating regime that will bring about long term diet and health change in her clients.

After our initial meeting we decided that her detox smoothies and the science behind her detox plan would make fantastic social media content. Rather than promoting her fitness and health programme, we thought a series of fun smoothie videos and a little insight into her detox programme would improve her social media reach and would increase the interest in her methods and theory.  Her clients could interact with her page by downloading or requesting smoothie recipes, this would encourage post shares and engagement with current and new clients interested in her approach. Louise also wanted a fresh new head shot and some photography to use alongside her discussion on healthy living.

The Videos:

We scripted for a series of videos based on two ‘stories’. One story being her business background and ethos, the benefits of working with Louise and also her approach to nutrition and diet. The second story we though should be a series of ‘how to’ videos on making healthy smoothies and juices. These videos would be informative, would be shared among her followers and would also encourage others to follow.

We delivered the final edits in a range of different formats. Some of the videos with text, video and photography and others succinct clips with simple music and text. We produced a square format video for use on Instagram and for her mobile users.

The Long Edit:

Edit With Text And Photography:

Bite Size Videos:



We also photographed the ingredients she used for her smoothies, so she could use them over the coming month to discuss the health benefits of the ingredients. This approach to her marketing has given her clients confidence in her healthy living programme and has considerably increased engagement on her social media platform.



Over the next few months Louise will be using her archive of media across Facebook to increase the reach of her posts and her personal interaction with her clients. We are looking forward to seeing how she gets on!

Kyra and The Firetree Team.