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Blog 1 – How To Market

Do you like the title? These blogs are all about shouting a bit louder on social media..what is she on about? Those that know my business well see me predominantly as a photographer, it was pointed out by a good colleague that my narrative to the social world is not in line with what everything that floats my boat. This is the first in a series of blogs that explains where i’m heading with Firetree. Along the way i’m going to teach you a whole wealth of information about modern social marketing, video and visual communication. Its not about what I sell and provide, these blogs are about inspiration, innovation and how to embrace the new era of communication. If you like it , please subscribe.

Changes To Marketing

Did you know that from the development of the printing press to the current structure of print distribution you are looking at over 100 years in development? With distribution I mean all the printing technology, the global networks, the ownership of print medium plus all the advertising structures and distribution methods that go along with it. Over 100 years, think about that. The internet has been around for just 25 years, isn’t that just incredible! Is it any wonder that many business are scrabbling around trying to find a way to market in this new environment, it has evolved faster than we can keep up. Most of us are just getting our heads around ‘selfies’, we are in a new environment where those that run businesses don’t quite know where to start!

How We Market

How we market has changed significantly and this is an essential if you are going to learn how to market better in this new social world. Let’s look at how you approach a campaign for print. You look for a publication that has a very specific distribution, to local industry perhaps, a food guide, a ‘what’s on’ guide… you advertise where your readers are interested in your brand. You compose an advert or have editorial that interests this niche audience knowing that the readers are expecting this sort of information.

Before you even start selling your idea/business/brand on social media, realise the audience is not the same. This new audience is social. Think about why you, as a consumer, are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, it is not to watch, read, listen to a sales pitch, you switch off. To engage your social audience you need to involve them in your story. This ‘story’ is a word bandied about a lot at the moment but it is essential to understand what it means.

Your Story

If you want to grow awareness about your business on social media it’s not about what you sell, not only will your business not thrive on social media but you could put people off. To really grow and reach new audiences you need to INTEREST people in your business. This is a different way of marketing in comparison to print. It is not necessarily about you, about your dog or what you had for breakfast (although this is not a bad thing to share), in the business sense it is about what inspires you, what is interesting in your field of work, what new projects you have in the pipeline, help and information.  It is information that feeds. So it is not selling, it is social communication.

I should say at this point that wow! do you realise the potential of social media and what an impact this has on our ability to communicate?  More of this in a later blog but consider the expense of a commercial on broadcast television, this is only ever affordable by big businesses. How many potential consumers can small businesses now reach through social channels? I will leave that thought for later but lets get back to the Social Story.

What Is Your Story?

So this is the first in a series of blogs that will look at social communication. Have a think about what could make an interesting narrative to your social audience. This is where everyone needs to start in order to communicate better. What are your potential clients going to want to hear? Not that you have a special offer on now, or that you do this amazing thing.. all the time, buy into this.. or buy into that… What do people REALLY want to hear. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, are inspired to do it, have an insight into their industry, product or business that not everyone has. Have a think about this. Once you have an idea start to talk about this.. blog, video, share (more about the how later). This is engagement, if businesses are interested they will switch on and listen. If they are listening they are following you, if they follow they will share and this is how you start to build a client base.

Next Blog:

Next in the series: I will be looking at the different formats to reaching these audiences, blogging, video Marketing and Podcasting. The different ways you can communicate your message on your social networks.

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I studied Media and Communication at Goldsmiths University and graduated with a first class honours and a film specialism. After graduation I worked in London as a video editor working on documentaries and music videos. My children were born in 2005 which coincided with my fathers retirement. He had trained me as a stills photographer as a child and I set up Firetree Photography to photograph children, weddings and businesses whilst bringing up the children, this has been established now for 13 years. Firetree Visual Media is two years old,  we are now a team and deliver professional business media, both photography and videography to businesses. We also deliver social media marketing and consultancy to businesses in a new, innovative way. Focused on the visual, building narratives through video and photography, delivering media packages and social media strategies that engage on a new level.

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