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Welcome to the next instalment in my ‘Shout!’ series. This blog is about the year ahead and a look at 2020 communication trends in media.

Having your finger on the pulse on what is going to be the next big thing will keep you a step ahead of competitors. At Firetree we are all about communication (mainly visual!) and this series of blogs will teach you a wealth of information about modern digital marketing, video and visual communication. They’re not about the service we provide, these blogs are about inspiration, innovation and how to embrace the new era of communication. If you like it, please subscribe. If you feel you have something to contribute to the blog, drop me a message.

The Speed of Change

You can’t argue that technology and innovation changes at an incredible speed. If you look at the speed of technological change throughout history it looks like the speed of change is exponential. However if you apply a scientific approach to technological change you could equally argue that in natural science it is typical for processes have a period of exponential acceleration in their initial stage before you reach saturation point at which point progress will plateau. Let’s not make this blog about futurist philosophy, the point I am making is that we are in a period of exponential technological growth and it is hard to keep up with the changes. Let’s have a look at some essential media and technological advances to look out for in the forthcoming year in an attempt to keep up!

Communication and Media Trends to Look Out For in 2020

1. Voice Search

This is number one on my list for communication trends in 2020. Voice search, also called voice-enabled is going to dominate how we look for business and search the internet.

55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day (Google) We are using mobile phones and devices like Alexa and Siri to ask for directions, tell the time or play a song.  Recent Google research has indicated that 45% teens wish they could ‘send me pizza’. Interflora is leading the way in using voice search exactly like this in the UK with consumers now able to ask Alexa to deliver flowers. (Link to Interflora)

So what does this mean for small businesses? It is worth considering how your website is optimised and whether it is voice search ready. Understanding the specific needs of your customer and what they are likely to ask for is vital. Rather than the ‘old school’ method of peppering your website copy with keywords it is worth using natural and basic language. When we are speaking we use more words, and longer keywords. While voice search isn’t going to take over traditional search just yet, if you are having a website overhaul, talk to your designer and get ‘voice ready’ by optimising your website and adjusting your marketing so your business is ready for voice technology.

You can find more information about optimising your business for voice search HERE.

2. The Rise of Stories

Video is still a force to be reckoned with on social media in the coming year with a rise in social stories. The trend to consuming video over other content has made video more important as a marketing tool than ever before. 83% of marketers (Smart Insights) believe that video is becoming increasingly important in their marketing strategy. While this appears good for businesses like mine, it does mean that over the forthcoming year there will be a great deal more competition in video marketing so you will struggle to get the same engagement from videos as the industry becomes saturated. It is worth ensuring your video content stands out, is unique and that you produce fewer videos of higher quality so your content stands out and your consumers seek and value the content you share.

If you want help creating a series of social ‘stories’ find our more about our Content Marketing Service HERE.

3. Immersive Media


This links with number 2 above; with the explosion of video  it is important that video is impactful. Keeping audiences engaged with fully immersive experiences will be key in the following few years with Virtual Reality and immersive media taking centre stage. Innovative videos utilising drone technology to offer compelling visuals will be key to giving video impact in 2020.

Utilising innovative technology and thinking outside of the box with branding and video ideas is key to our 2020 vision at Firetree. We offer a fully immersive 360VR video production service and like to think we have an unconventional approach to visual marketing that produces innovative and creative media.

360 VR – Immersive Virtual Tours

Find out more about our drone and VR service HERE.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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You may not realise it but the future is here. According to Techgrabyte “Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades”. (Not exactly ‘visual’ communication but definitely along the theme of communication advances.)

Perhaps you think you have not come in contact with AI but think again, companies like Barclaycard and Spotify are using ‘chatbots’ through Facebook messenger. These Chatbots use natural language processing software designed to figure out what a customer wants and responds as if it were a real person. Bots allow companies to expedite customer service and provide a better service. Spotify also uses Chatbots to enable users to discover the latest music artists, tracks and genres through Facebook messenger. So next time you have a conversation with someone on messenger, you may be talking to a robot!

Find out more about Chatbots and how they are used in business HERE.

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I hope you found that interesting. I’m certainly looking forward to the following few years to see where communication and technology takes us. If you are interested in the journey, please subscribe in the footer area below.

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