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Our latest business photography contract has been with Rigid Containers in Desborough. We were approached to discuss producing fresh and appealing business portraits of their management team who were down for a regional meeting and to also provide an archive of visual marketing material for brochures and editorial.

To Produce The Unexpected.


The tradition for board members and for corporate management is to be photographed against a simple plain background, this has become standard, throughout all businesses in all countries. So much so that  every business owner or managerial team portrait ends up looking the same.

How then do you make your head shot stand out? how do you differentiate your business from the rest?  The white backdrop, ‘suit and tie’ shot has become the standard, expected image of the the ‘management team’ of the ‘corporate business person’ just like the suit, tie and briefcase, and as such everyone has the same managerial image.

The marketing team at Rigid Containers wanted their portraits to be appealing, friendly and stand out form the rest so rather than photographing the management team in suits and ties against the traditional white corporate backdrop looking suitably managerial, serious and business like, we suggested photographing management on the factory floor. Safety shoes, ear plugs and high vis-vests replaced the suits and briefcases and we think the marketing team at Rigid Containers now have at their fingertips fantastically better ‘fresh and friendly’ marketing for brochures and editorial then the expected business head shot.




Marketing and Social Photography

Professional photography is needed for so many different reasons, brochure’s, editorial, social media. Having an archive of professional photography to hand is essential to be able to deliver and communicate your business message quickly and clearly when you need to do it.

There is nothing more frustrating than having an editorial opportunity  in a magazine, but to get the free slot you need images for print next week, or you need to post on social media about your latest procurement and you have all the words perfectly presented but only smartphone pictures to hand.

Firetree Visual Media works with many corporations and small businesses delivering an archive of professional media so they have all the essential visual material to hand to deliver consistently professional imagery as quickly as possible.

Two Birds With One Stone

We combined our portraiture visit to Rigid with a location photography shoot, providing Rigid with an archive of professional photography showing the factory floor, giving them a range of visual material that they can use to explain their manufacturing process, to use in editorial and marketing. The day shoot ticked all the boxes for us at Firetree and Rigid managed to meet their editorial deadline with new, fresh and friendly business photography.


We are currently booking Corporate businesses for January and February contracts. Half  day and full day rates are available for combination location and portrait photography. Traditionally these are the best months to get an archive of visual media ready for the new year ahead. So if you are considering a website re-vamp, a new, contemporary and friendly feel to your new literature CONTACT Kyra for rates and availability.