Brand Identity | Website Photography

How visually appealing and engaging is your website?  How does your ‘look’ compare to your competitors, how professional is it, and how fresh is it? Are you using the same images you used two or even three years ago?

Why Is Using Professional Website Photography Important For Your Website?

In this ever increasing visual world, appearance really is everything. As humans we are visual creatures, images transcend language and words alone, imagery allows for a greater understanding of anything that is being discussed, or sold, or conveyed.

First Impressions

First impressions are formed within seconds and most of the information we consume and interpret is visual, professional high-end videography and photography on your website will make your brand stand out from the crowd, get noticed and stick in the viewers mind as professional and credible. This new year blog will discuss why we are all image based and how you can benefit from this knowledge and start putting together a plan to produce a well-designed website.

Why Are We Image Based?

As opposed to text, the human brain reacts differently to visual information. The brain deciphers image elements instantly unlike language which is decoded in a linear, sequential manner, taking more time to process. Studies tell us that 90% of information transmitted in the human brain is visual and visual media is processed 60’000 times faster in the brain than text. So if you link all your text elements to visual imagery your message will impact immediately and it’s brand and marketing message will be understood clearly.

Take Advantage:

So how do we take advantage of this knowledge and make it work for our business and particularly our website? We have so much to say but we know that simple text takes time to process and pages of text will lose impact and as such, clients will lose interest. A website that takes a visual lead in it’s design will build trust and guide visitors to take action. So how do you take this visual lead?

Head Shot


Personalise your website with a professional head shot that is welcoming and natural. Avoid alienating potential clients by having a portrait that suggests you are un-approachable or un-friendly. Business portraiture in today’s social climate need not adhere to all the corporate labels used in the past, the white backdrop, stiff suit and formal pose. Portraiture that proffers a welcome smile, that shows you in your office or workplace, perhaps with your products or workforce as background will give clients a more descriptive and appealing portrait and will immediately make your business approachable and will encourage clients to make contact.


Photograph your team in action, this will convey company culture and consistency, the people that make up your company are part of your brand so professional team portraits will make your potential clients see you as more trustworthy and sincere.

 Impressive Photography

Yes go pro for your website imagery, you can ‘top-up’ and add your own content in your blogs and social media updates, there is a place for using your own photography but keep your website slick and well presented. Professional photography and videography capture authenticity and will not only show visitors what you offer but will also make them want to act. The more professional and enticing your website photography is, the more business you will conduct over time. This is not just about pretty pictures it’s about working with your photographer to create visual stories to convey the ‘information’ in your website in a simple way that ‘speaks’ to your client of what you do, sell or offer. It’s not just about using good photography of your products and services it’s about visualising your brand, ethos and business story.

Maximise Your Content

Think about maximising the content on your website. Packaged up in a creative way using innovative slideshow and visual media marketing, the same photographs and content you have worked so hard to complete can be used to kick start your new brand identity or campaign. Social sharing is free! Once you have invested in your website photography this archive can deliver an on-going marketing campaign, making the most of your investment.

Take Action | Firetree Visual Media

At Firetree Visual Media, we work with businesses not just to produce the professional media content for their website but can create visual stories and creative media for social marketing. We can package your media into tidy marketing bundles of information for social distribution and sharing on social media is of course free.

We offer competitive rates for website rebrands and for start-up businesses. If you are thinking about how to maximise your visual content in 2018 please get in touch, the new year is the best time to spend time updating your visual message.

“I hated the idea of getting some head shots. I felt awkward and embarrassed – that was until Kyra put me completely at ease. We did them at home to get the right feel and straight away she was so helpful and really understood what I wanted to achieve. I was doubtful that the images would be as I needed but was absolutely thrilled when I received them. Thank you so much Kyra. I’ll certainly be coming back” – Sam Cattel, Mindful Mortgages, Dec 2017.