VPK UK & Ireland – Virtual Tours and Integrated Conferencing

Firetree worked with VPK UK & Ireland to find a solution to showing clients around their factory sites during the recent Covid Pandemic by creating a virtual tour with integrated conferencing.

VPK Virtual Tour with Integrated Conferencing.

VPK UK & Ireland virtual tours with integrated conferencing – VPK contacted Firetree to find a virtual solution to site visit restrictions during the recent Covid pandemic. Sales teams across all the VPK sites wanted to continue to show clients around their factories despite the travel and social distancing restrictions imposed during 2020. Firetree worked with VPK to create a virtual tour of their Selby site and integrated innovative conferencing technology. We integrated information and video’s about the business within the tour that the sales teams would find beneficial when showing the site to new clients. While filming the tour, we also filmed inside and outside the site using drone for future marketing and add impact to the tour.

The tour enabled the sales teams to continue to show clients from anywhere around the world, in real time without travel or meeting in person. The solution was so effective further sites are scheduled to be photographed to create virtual tours of all their site locations. Sales teams will be able to show clients the features and benefits of their different sites across the UK and Ireland at the same viewing, in real time, without travel and the need to prepare the site for viewing.

It is a very productive and cost effective solution that VPK will continue to use post-pandemic.

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