Poppy Design Studio – Virtual Tour

Firetree created a Virtual Tour for Poppy Design Studio

Virtual Tour featuring the team at Poppy Design.

Poppy Design Studios needed a virtual tour to show their new ‘covid-safe’ working environment. Over the recent Covid pandemic, client access to their offices had been impossible and the team at Poppy Design wanted to showcase their new covid-safe environment to give confidence to current and potential clients.

Traditionally virtual tours don’t feature people, perhaps because their main application has been in the Estate Agency industry. During Covid, the benefits of virtual tours have become clear to a wide range of industries as businesses seek new ways to show premises to clients without the need for a physical visit. Because the property at Poppy Design Studio is just a small part of what they do, we decided to make the tour as personal as possible. We incorporated the team within the tour and added tags with biographies of team members and external links to make social connections.

We hope the tour enables many ‘virtual visitors’ to their studio and gives clients renewed confidence to return in-person!

Find out more about our virtual tour service here.