Membermeister – Graphics for Facebook Ad Carousel.

Firetree created graphics for a carousel advertisement to run on Facebook.


Membermeister is a software solution for dance school and sports club, offering them an efficient way to store and manage class data. Firetree has worked with Co Founder Stefan Richter on a number of occasions.

Stefan contacted Firetree to ask if we could produce a series of 15 graphics for a set of 3 carousel ads to run on Facebook. We worked with Stefan to understand the key messages and target market for the graphics and created a series that were clear and on-brand. We also created animated versions of the graphics for use on social media for on-going marketing.

The graphics worked together as a structured carousel but could also be used individually for social media posts and promotion. On a previous shoot Firetree had already photographed an archive of media to use as assets for the graphics.