Harborough Lotto – Promotional Video

Firetree created a short film for social media to promote Harborough Lotto.

Harborough District Council  contacted Firetree to create a video to promote Harborough Lotto. Rather than focussing on the ‘prize’ we decided instead to create a film that highlights the benefits of the local lottery to the community. We worked with two beneficiaries of lottery funding, Spectrum Autism and The Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital. We created a film that explained how the lottery worked and how the money is spent in the community. The final video highlights the value of contributing to the local lottery showing viewers specific benefits to the charities that take part.

We hope the film shown on social media will encourage both participation in the lottery and for new charities to see the benefit in taking part.

Produced, Directed and Edited: Kyra Williams, Camera and Audio: Dom Whiting.

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