Visit Harborough District – ‘Fly’

Firetree created a video to promote the district to visitors.

Visit Harborough District

Harborough District Council  contacted Firetree to create a film to promote the district for leisure and tourism.  We wanted to create an honest and heartwarming film that involved the many small independent businesses that make Leicestershire unique. The film was shot at multiple locations during a very difficult time during various covid restrictions. Many local businesses took part in the filming with participants from family members, staff and friends. The film was designed to give the viewer a sense of flying over the district, passing through different locations over the Leicestershire countryside.

The production team included Kyra Williams (Director/Producer/Editor), Luke Gale (Drone), Matt Dutton (Drone), Paul Trunkfield/Dom Whiting (video), Daniel Luz (Motion Graphics), Jake Billing (Wistow Maze drone)

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