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Business Photography and Video Production

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It has been a long haul. I realised quite a few months ago that creating your own website using ‘WordPress For Dummies’ although a great start, does not produce the best results. Firetree Visual Media website was not performing well in terms of SEO, and was not mobile responsive, it also looked a little.. well, rubbish.

DIY or Professional Website Design?

Actually I did both. Having winged it before (for want of a better description), I knew the pitfalls of the DIY approach. Having had my Firetree Photography website designed by professionals I knew how a professional website looks and works when it is done well. From this experience, I knew it would be a false economy to try to wing it.. again.

Screen grab from website showing professional photography

Of course I did it the hard way. I have wanted to undergo some business training in digital marketing. Because so much has changed since my degree in Media and Communications back in the ’90s I have long felt I need to be able approach visual media marketing from a more educated position.

So, to cut a long story short, rather than pay a sum of money to a professional web designer (which would have been the easiest option) I invested the money in a City and Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing. The investment gave me WordPress, SEO training as well as training in digital media/business marketing/social media strategy. So for me, a good investment.

My website design was as a result, a bit of both, DIY and professional. Although I have to say at this point, it took me a lot longer than a well trained web designer!

If the experience has taught me anything, it’s that website design is a skill and no, the length it took me to do mine, I won’t be embarking on a career in website design! (although I would be happy to perform the odd SEO test and undertake website optimisation).. not nearly as time-consuming and quite satisfying.

Natalie Trembecki – A Writer For You

Example of copywriting from the websiteOne of the things I did not want to tackle on my own was the copy.

Knowing how essential it is to engage straightaway and keep content to the point. I enlisted the help of copywriter Natalie Trembecki.

Her input has been immeasurable and I can’t thank her enough for understanding my goals, and managing to create brilliant (and grammatically correct) copy for the website.

Keeping to the point is something I would have struggled with!


What’s new?

It’s not just the design that has changed. With an ambition to take on larger projects, I am a little tired of being a one-man-band. I have always have freelancers work with me and this new website is a collaboration of talent I have worked with over quite a few years.

The focus of Firetree is to deliver professional digital media and content from medium to large businesses, it is a bespoke service that meets with marketing managers and works alongside current marketing strategies to deliver multi-media content for all business branding and communication.

It is not quite finished and a digital marketing component is yet to be added, but we now have a team of professionals working together to provide a service to meet the needs of clients wanting to reach new markets.

Bright, Vibrant, Different.

Image of the blog page on Firetree website
Link to blog page

Have a look through the pages of the site and give me your honest feedback. Be mindful that it is not completely finished! I have had my hands tied in my ability to write my regular blogs. Getting the website to a place where it would work but could be added to was my first priority. Some of the pages will re-direct to the Contact page… I temporary glitch, just until Natalie and I finish writing the internal pages.

Keep an eye out for what new things we can provide for you!

Kyra… and team.