Corporate Photography and Videography

Welcome to our brand new website!


This has been a long time planning, I think the last two years to be quite honest but as with everything, plans take a lot longer to put into practice, especially when it is always so busy!

It has long been a plan of mine to separate my wedding, family and child portraiture from my corporate work. A  website that is too complex which contains too much information can be off-putting and although my natural, documentary style is very much the same, I have so many ideas for my corporate work that it just doesn’t seem to fit on the same site. It is the same with my social media audiences, I love the engagement I have established with my wedding and portrait clients but it seem a little odd for me to be chatting away to them about my corporate photography and vice versa. So it really needs it own space, and here we are!

I often get called on by businesses to document their business and I have even produced a few business videos. This website is a space for this work and a little bit more.. something just slightly different that I have been working on in the background for the last few years.

Corporate Photography

Head Shots:


Does what it say’s on the tin! I have been photographing businesses for many years with an emphasis on natural, reportage style imagery. In today’s visual world your businesses online profile and presence really needs to stand out. Natural portraits that are welcoming and add a touch of the personal are so much more appealing that the stiff, suited and booted, white background images of the 90’s. Using a range of concepts to create that portrait that ‘click’s with your target market is something that I have worked hard to develop over the years.

Website Imagery:




If you spend time on a website to connect to your market why would you fill it with stock photography? Creating a website that gives your business credibility is key. Websites with predominantly stock photography could look like you may not be true to your word, a website that is full of images of your business, the premises, how you work and of your team will show potential clients that you are who you say you are and if photographed in the right way, will say you are approachable and can deliver a quality product or service.





Engaging Short Video

The content in an engaging, short video is much more engaging than the same content in text form. Human beings are visual people and it is much easier for us to understand information if delivered in a visual format. Over the last few years I have been called upon to work on short documentary videos for websites, and more recently on short videos for social media. With professional lighting, sound and editing, short videos that tell your business story, put a face to your business that can demonstrate a product or can engage with your social audience, are a much better investment to showcase your business than just photographic images alone.


Social Media and Visual Marketing:



Visual Media For Social Media:

Back in 2015 I had an idea to provide a visual media service that would supply businesses with visual content for social media. Video and photographic content that could be ready to use on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube or websites. The idea started with a simple video that could be edited and updated so once it has been produced it could be added to and kept current for their website. Over the last couple of years, in between portraits and all the ‘I Do’s’ my concept has evolved and I have worked with a few companies on their  branding and marketing material both for social media and for their websites. Individual professional head shots and product shots are great, as are short videos and vlogs, but the social media world moves exceptionally fast, our social stories change and our audiences are not interested in seeing the same thing and hearing the same thing over and over again. Visual content for social media needs to be engaging and different. It needs to be consistently entertaining and it needs thought if it is going to reach the right audiences.  I am an experienced story teller, and I can create visual stories for your business to use on social media and provide an archive of material, ready to use on your social media platforms, blog and website. If you pop along to my ‘Social’ page you will find a different approach to corporate marketing which can keep your visual marketing fresh and up-to-date.

Slightly Different:

I love to tell visual stories. Way back when I was an undergraduate in the cutting rooms at Goldsmiths College it was this that inspired me. Editing was the perfect career for me at the time, taking the rushes and cutting them into shape, with portraits it is so similar. A walk in the woods for me will give me opportunity to document a collection of images that tell a story of childhood, or relationship. At a wedding of course it is the same, I document the day and all the little details so when a couple revisit the images, they are not overly staged, they are a document of the day they have planned. I see business stories everywhere and this, to me, is what engages social audiences. Not the sales pitch or the special offer but the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind the business.

A big welcome to my new website. If you don’t mind popping over to my new Facebook page that would be great! It is new so very low on likes!