An Introduction to Firetree Visual Media | Media Production

Firetree Visual Media has undergone an overhaul since last year. This blog will explain the changes to our media production service and give you an insight into the idea behind the changes.

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Background | Media and Communications

Both my husband and I graduated from Goldsmiths University in London with Degrees in Media and Communication. It has long since an ambition of mine to bring both mine and my husbands experience in broadcast media production into the Firetree brand.

Over the last 14 years, since leaving full time video editing, I have built Firetree predominantly around portrait and wedding photography, which I still love and continue to do. Through working with businesses over the years of photographing, I have long felt the need to help businesses online presence with professional marketing media that communicates in new ways, podcasting for example, or a combination of webinar and branded visual content.

The way we market has changed significantly since we both graduated, and to reach and engage new audiences is not now simply about broadcasting what you do and expecting everyone to like it. Creating innovative engaging content is essential. It is about building trust in your brand, and delivering consistently interesting and helpful content.

Headshots and Branding

It starts with a headshot. Actually yes, I think it does. More so than ever before the face of the business is the start of brand identity. People buy into people, so it is essential that this is communicated well, right from the start. This is the face that meets you when you first connect with a new client.

Our headshot and branding service has not changed significantly, it has just got a little bit more serious with branding consultancy on hand from Elaine Fairbrother. In producing team and individual headshots we look at brand identity first. And have a full branding service available to refresh the brand and produce a cohesive identity throughout all their marketing if this is required.

Consistent Media and Marketing

It used to be that you worked with a production company to produce a single marketing video. This is not always the case now with social marketing channels. Building trust takes time and delivering regular media content is essential. Yes of course, there is space for personal smartphone updates and live video chats, but for business who wish to keep the face of their business professional, investing in media production to produce stylised branded content will not only raise the profile of the business but will save marketeers time.

Branded Content

We start with the visual. Searching to find the stories behind the business we are working with. We deliver branded content that works over a period of time, to build trust and develop those relationships that will lead to sales and customers. It is about thinking outside the box with media production. Would creating a series of videos work best? Perhaps a series of Podcasts, or an archive of headshots and graphics to meet the team behind a business?

It is never a one-size-fits-all approach, to stand out, businesses need to think differently and create communication packages that appeal in new ways.

What is Your Marketing Strategy?

Businessman making presentation with his colleagues for media production

Who manages your marketing? Is it you? or do you work for a team? We work with businesses current marketing objectives and create a media strategy to support it. This comes from a range of different medias, completely tailored to requirements.

We also have PR and marketing specialists at Firetree who can plan marketing strategy, content creation and copywriting should you need this support.

What Are Your Plans?

We are fast heading into a new financial year. What are your plans for marketing? I have spent a great many hours re-designing the Website. If you are interested in our approach to media and branding and want to find out more. Message me to chat with your business plans for 2019-2020.

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