A New Look for 2020 – Business Branding

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to a good break this Christmas, it has been a particularly busy year. January for me, is a good time to re-group and evaluate business successes and look at areas that need improvement in the forthcoming year. There are a great many ways to give your business a brand and marketing freshen-up to tackle the new year head on.

In this blog I will give you some ideas as to how to give your business branding a boost and get noticed. Some are free, other ideas need a little investment but spend a little time on your business to make 2020 a good one!


Start a Blog

Writing a blog is free and is great way to connect with your target market. Share your knowledge, discuss trends or share your business story. Use as much unique imagery as you can about your business. Building a brand that is distinctive and genuine will add value to your business. 

Get a new headshot

It’s not all about the logo! I have said it many times. Most business start with a name and a logo but for the majority of SME’s the first steps in business are about branding ‘you’. Invest in a good headshot for your social media, website and blog. People invest in people and a warm, friendly and welcoming image will encourage people to connect.

Be bold, and be different. Make your headshot as unique as you.

Invest in a media archive

Don’t make your social media and marketing a daily task. A good strategy is essential. Plan ahead with a clear idea on what your objectives are and how you are going to measure success. Invest in an archive of media; photography, video or animation that communicates the right message. Having your visual media ready to go with you social content and blogs will streamline your business marketing and give you more time to focus on your business.

Start a newsletter

A regular newsletter is a great way to keep connected with your past clients. Offer loyalty incentives, keep them updated with news and events. Keeping your business in the minds of your clients will increase the potential for referrals. Its also a great way to encourage repeat business. Remember no-one want’s to be sold to on a daily basis, so offer tips and advice rather than a sales pitch. Also make sure you adhere to GDPR rules and only send newsletters to those that have opted-in to receive them.

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Ask for reviews

Asking for reviews is a free and easy way to grow your business. New clients take time to decide who to purchase from, the process is rarely an impulsive one. Clients that are warm to your business will usually do some research and good reviews are social ‘proof’ that you can do what you do well. The majority of clients are more than happy to leave a review if you make the process simple for them. 

Firetree Visual Media Reviews

Update old website images

If you have a website, use it! If it is looking a little tired you don’t necessarily need to invest in a new one. Book a photography shoot for a media archive for new photography, or perhaps a website video. Update your images making sure they contain the right keywords and metadata for good SEO.

Graphic from Calmababy Video

Offer something new

January is a great time to offer something new. After the Christmas spend, money is tight and a discount on a new service is a great way for new clients to use your business or service. Incorporate your new offer or service into your January social media strategy, it’s a great way to boost your engagement on social media.

Contact Firetree – We are always happy to discuss your plans.

If you are thinking of updating your visual marketing with photography or video, we are offering a new year discount on our services to new clients and those that are just starting out in business for bookings made in January and February.

Spending time on your visual media will tick off more than one task off the list. Launching into the new year with a brand new headshot, an engaging and fresh social media feed, a new website video or new photographs will help to put you at the top of the list for new clients.

If you would like to find out more about booking any of our services for January now is the time! Get ahead with your social media content creation for 2020.

Link to contact Firetree Visual Media.

Link to contact Firetree Visual Media.