The Trouble With Sales | Creating Better Content – Website Videos

To make it into the future on online-sales business have to throw out the rule book. Sales could be killing your online sales conversion!

To engage with social markets businesses need to approach marketing differently and consider Invisible Marketing. This was the approach we took in creating website media and a brand video for Calmababy in Peterborough.

When you sell a product or market your business through social audiences, you need to make sure your content does not look and feel like a sales push. This is difficult as it turns on it’s head how we have traditionally approached marketing. It means putting personality into your content, engaging emotionally with your target market without pushing content out as a promotion.

Calmababy Business Branding :

We worked with Calmababy on their re-brand producing photography media for their new website and social channels as well as a video. We wanted the video to engage with Calmababy’s viewers on an emotive level, to create a film that felt good, focusing on user stories, to give viewers a feel of the centre. Our ‘Day in the life’ video was filmed over a two week period and we attended many of the classes the baby centre ran. We decided not to use the video to highlight  all the different classes the centre offered, but we focused on the relationships parents had with their children, children’s experience from their point of view and the support networks for parents built through visiting the centre.

The ‘Day In The Life’ video is intended to tell a story of the centre, an emotive snapshot of what the centre delivers. It is a different approach to business marketing and one we thoroughly enjoyed producing!


Capturing Personality

We produced both the video and the photography for their new website and marketing and we made sure the imagery didn’t simply focus on teaching and education, it was essential that the imagery captured their new branding emphasis on ‘What Happiness Is’.  As with the video, we didn’t simply illustrate the range of classes they offer but put an emphasis on parental bonding, child and parent relationships and the emotive response children express through the training and tuition. This is something that they could not obtain with stock photography. The centres focus and teaching ethos needed to come through the parents and children they work with to reinforce their identity and give further credibility to their centre’s identity.


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