A Versatile Location  | Business Photographer Market Harborough.

It is never an exciting prospect knowing you have to freshen-up and replace your business portraits. Choosing the right image of yourself you wish to portray to the world on social media or your website is such a difficult thing. What the photographer may see as the perfect portrait may not fit at all with how you see yourself, or how you want others to see you, or how you want your business reflected.

What Is In A Business Portrait?

A business portrait needs to express many things and all will differ depending on the type of business the owner is part of. A Life Coach would perhaps want an image that expresses openness, and a relaxed personality, a portrait taken against an industrial background  may not feel as approachable as a portrait against a rural backdrop. A lawyer on the other hand, although would want to look relaxed and approachable may benefit from being seen against a more formal background, perhaps offices or a city-scape to show professionalism, experience and qualification. A lawyer or solicitors portrait taken in a garden may suggest the person does not have office premises, or may work from home. As viewers and visual readers prospective clients make all sorts of assumptions and bias about people when looking at a portrait, quite often without them being aware. It is so important to get your business image right to suit your personality and business.

Backgrounds To Tell A Story.

Having a wide range of location choices at The Manor and also a selection of backgrounds in the studio means clients can choose a style that suits their business and personality.

The studio has a great many choices, formal charcoal and cream, harsh white and black or for a more informal studio portrait there are relaxed brick walls and wooden planks, we even have a ‘corporate windows’ backdrop for the business look.  We have also ordered in request backgrounds for clients, a concrete and graffiti wall!

We also have the added advantage of the Manor grounds, our clients have the choice to spend some or all of their portrait time in the grounds. We have the Manor’s elegant stone steps against the stately backdrop of the Manor, the garden has informal wrought iron seating, flower gardens and old brick walls covered in ivy,  there are wooden fences and gates with the backdrop of open countryside and wheat fields, we also have industrial units with corrugated iron and lengths of glass plated window fronts for the city central business look. Having such a wide choice of locations and backgrounds means we can cater for any business ‘look’.

Getting The Right Look.

Quite a lot more goes into photographing business portraits at Firetree than just having the right background. Our portraits are always relaxed and friendly and the most important thing in any portrait is how personality is expressed. The background is just the start, during the hour or more of the shoot we work closely with our clients engaging with them, giving them confidence, so they eventually feel comfortable enough to relax and express their personalities into the portraits. Having a wide choice of backgrounds though is the best place to start!



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