Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Be Recognised and Remembered

Do you want your audience to look forward to hearing from you?

Delivering effective content for marketing relies on businesses delivering valuable information that your audience wants to hear. We don’t pitch products or services, we work to create a strategy around things your people are interested in, we will position you as experts.

At Firetree we will help you get great results from your content using the best in modern media and innovative communication.

Social Media

We can take over full social media management so you can get on with doing what you do best.

We focus on the visual and all our strategy starts with creating engaging visual stories. Video and visual imagery are king at engaging with your audience. As our starting point, our social media marketing engages and connects with your audience.

Copywriting & PR

We have a virtual PR department and can take over your PR activity. Write press releases, arrange photo shoots, create PR strategies and manage your media relations.

A large part of content creation is effective blog writing. Our service covers copywriting for websites, blogs, e.mail newsletters and the editing of larger projects such as magazines.

Branded Content

Our approach to social media strategy is to focus on the visual. Stand out from the crowd with professional media for your branded content. We can provide the strategy or we can work alongside your own marketing team.

We can produce series of videos for social storytelling, photography archives, podcasts, infographics and give webinar assistance for social marketing.


Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool, building trust, loyalty and reach, increasing sales and audience. Listening to podcasts is on the rise, especially among millennials.

At Firetree we have a business podcasting service where we can create a podcast strategy for your business to produce a series of podcasts. For almost any industry there is a way to leverage podcast marketing to build trust and loyalty to your brand.