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Raise your profile with branded content

How we sell has changed.

Of course businesses are still looking for sales, but their customers aren’t just looking in print ads or traditional media any more. Communicating through social media requires a different set of rules through which to build your brand. Consumers on social media engage with brands they trust and relate to, these are not going to be the brands who make them feel ‘sold to’ but the brands with whom they build a relationship. Using social channels to engage with customers is a different kind of marketing, and to it well you need to create unique content which reflects your brand.

Social media marketing, focused on the visual.

Firetree will provide the following for your social media:

  • An archive of photography media
  • A series of 30 second videos
  • Documentary storytelling content
  • Infographics
  • Engaging media for brand awareness
  • Podcasting

We also have a marketing team on hand to manage your social media scheduling, business PR, copywriting and blog writing – all focused on the visual.

Branded content to get you seen

Keeping your social media content consistent in style is essential to ensuring your posts are recognised and engaged with. We can help you get seen.

And with our team you’ve got the whole package covered; whether it’s business portraits, location shoots (including drones and 360 cameras), video editingbranded content or lifestyle and documentary photography of your company at work.

Having Firetree provide the visual, will put the focus on your brand.

It’s the Story you Tell, not the Product you Sell

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