Forward Planning – Content Creation for 2020

Be honest, who gets to the beginning of a new month and hasn’t given any thought to their social media content creation? If you are one of those people, you know this can make you feel like you are chasing your tail all month, trying to keep up!

I won’t be the first to say you need to forward plan. Working to a clear plan or strategy will free up time for you to concentrate on your business, which is after all what you do best.

I know it is only October, but I want to get your thinking about not Novembers marketing but January 2020… bear with me, this isn’t as impossible as you think!

Respectacle Co.  Market Harborough: Forward Planning!

This time last year I worked with a local, independent company called Respectacle. A lovely family run eyewear specialist. We worked on a single shoot to produce 12 bright, vibrant and fun images for their 2019 social media. The idea was to think of a theme for each month and produce a single image that could be ‘revealed’ each month. The imagery would obviously feature eyewear and as a family run business would include family members.

Respectacle Co.

Business Branding and Identity: Bright, Vibrant and Fun

The brief was to be bright and vibrant and not to be taken too seriously. We came up with some fun monthly themes… some as simple as an inflatable swim ring for summer, student study for September, Autumn veg for October… we thought of props and colours that would stand out. Of course they sell eyewear, so each month featured a new brand of glasses.

Having spent the time on their monthly themes back in 2018 meant that throughout 2019 each month could start with a professional image that stood out. They could focus (excuse the pun..) on a product brand (their eyewear) and could follow this theme throughout the month with their own content.

Forward planning visual media in this way would work well for many businesses, not just those in retail. It takes just a little creativity and thought and has the potential to spice up your future marketing.

Instagram especially is all about standing out with visuals. I think Respecacle nailed it with this years branding! See for yourself there is a link at the end of the blog.



Calendar Shoots for 2020

The work for Respectacle took up a few hours at the planning stage, there were small costs involved in prop buying and a few hours spent at my studio for the shoot. In total a small investment in time and money to make their social media planning for the following year substantially easier and less time consuming!

If you would like to find out more about booking a Calendar shoot at Firetree, now is the time! Get ahead with your social media content creation for 2020.

Link to contact Firetree Visual Media.

Link to Respectacle Instagram Feed.