The Top 6 Benefits of Commercial Photography – The simplest and most cost effective media to support business visual presence

There are numerous ways to add value to your business marketing. This blog will highlight what we believe are the top 6 benefits of commercial photography. 

  1. Enhances your business image.
  2. Increases brand awareness.
  3. Improves customer confidence.
  4. Stand out from the crowd.
  5. Adds a personal touch
  6. Cost effective




We have moved into a digital landscape where networked marketing relies heavily on visual content to engage the audience. A business can have the best marketing strategy in the world but without visual impact  it will fail to engage.

We have extensive experience in understanding what imagery will work best to engage audiences. Commercial photography stands out as the simplest and most cost effective media to support your business visual presence. Here are what we think are the top 6 benefits to using commercial photography:

Enhances your business image.

Presentation is essential if you want to earn the respect and trust of your consumers. A bad photograph of poor resolution or composition is enough to put a visitor off your website or social media profile. Consistency is key in relation to business image, if you maintain a level of professionalism throughout your business imagery, your clients will trust and have confidence in your brand.

Increases brand awareness.

An archive of professional images has a range of uses, from brochures, print media, social media marketing, websites and internal communication. Images can be repurposed and used over a period of time. Each use will raise awareness of your brand and your business. We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach at Firetree and creating imagery that is unique to a business brand identity is part of our service.

Improves customer confidence.

Customers who see a consistency to your business will have trust in your business. Trust is not easily given, it is built over time. Photography can be used time and time again, showing your business premises, your employees at work, products or services. When supported by a website, blog and client testimonials this will all combine to give consumers the confidence they need to invest.

Stand out from the crowd.

It is very ‘loud’ on digital media platforms. Professional imagery that catch attention will cut through the noise. Your business will stand out from your competitors, and will be the first consumers will call to book.

Adds a personal touch.

More now than ever, consumers want to know who they are doing business with. Putting a face to your business by introducing your team, or showing your business at work will personalise your business. A valuable image will capture the reality of your business and the people behind it. This is something that stock photography just can’t do.

Cost effective.

Part of networked marketing culture is media sharing. Once your business has an archive of professional images, personalised branded images of your company will spread across networks as they are ‘liked’, ‘shared’ and commented on, viewers will recognise your company and the services you provide.  Photography is also multi-purposed and can be used on websites, flyers and brochures. For a low cost, professional photography will give you media to support long term goals for a range of purposes.


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