Are You Seeing Me? – A look at Social Media Marketing



Visual information on social media is becoming far more important than just having something to say and saying it with text. Information is now fed to us on social media channels at an exceedingly fast pace. We scroll quickly down our Social timelines looking for interesting content.  Visual imagery instantly makes content interesting and engaging.

The incredible growth of social media has come with a notable shift in marketing techniques. It used to be the case that a business would put an advert in the local newspaper or directory or print flyers, marketing was from print medium to consumer or from the top down. With the advent of social media this format has been turned on it’s head, social media functions on sharing and this sharing of information if approached in the right way, has the potential to reach far more clients than print medium alone. The way that this works is important though, the social ‘share’ is not the same as a marketing ‘share’, it is not as simple as directly selling to your social media audience. Consumers want social proof from your online network, internet presence, from friends and colleagues that your business can deliver the goods.  Consumers are also incredibly overwhelmed by marketeers online who simply ‘sell, sell, sell’ and as such just switch off.

Social media marketing requires businesses to adopt a different approach to selling on social media. I call this ‘social selling’ and it doesn’t have anything to do with directly promoting your product or business.

Shift To Visual Social Media – ‘A Picture Speaks 1000 Words’


There has been a massive shift in the way we communicate especially online and we are now in reality using visual social media so share our messages. Image-based social networks such as Pintrest and Instagram have grown at exponential rates and these platforms are breaking all records. Text is simply getting lost in the huge mass and speed of information delivered to us daily on social channels. Visual media streamlines and delivers your message much more succinctly than just text alone. For more information on this shift to Visual Social Media please see the link HERE for a good blog.

Firetree Visual Media

Firetree Visual  Media has been set up to help  corporate business deliver visual media content that stands out from the crowd and can market their company, product or brand to the social market. We offer free hour visual media consultations which are designed to look at your business’s social presence, its current visual marketing and look at what ‘social stories’ could be presented to  this new social audience to grow engagement and build new connections with clients and consumers in this new market.