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Calmababy Business Branding :

Calmababy is a popular baby centre in Peterborough, the centre offers a welcoming and relaxed place for parents and children to spend time together and enjoy a wide range of activities and classes they offer. Calmababy boasts a swimming pool and classes that range from pregnancy yoga, birthing education, aqua natal yoga and a full range of swim sessions from infant to school age. Their old website (pictured) was in need of an update with Calmababy undergoing a re-brand and a new shift in identity. Their logo ‘Calmababy’ with the strapline ‘swim, massage, yoga’ was to get a new calming colour change and a new streamline of ‘happiness is’


Firetree was brought in to photograph both the photography and videography to create the perfect visual ‘look’ Calmababy’s business branding. We have been working on the imagery for the last two months! We have photographed and filmed every class from baby swimming to pregnancy yoga, to give Calmababy a comprehensive archive of everything their centre offers.

Capturing Personality

It was important for Calmababy that the imagery didn’t simply focus on teaching and education, it was essential that the imagery captured their new branding emphasis on ‘What Happiness Is’ so not simply to illustrate the range of classes they offer but an emphasis on parental bonding, child and parent relationships and the emotive response children express through the training and tuition. This is something that they could not obtain with stock photography. The centres focus and teaching ethos needed to come through the parents and children they work with to reinforce their identity and give further credibility to their centre’s identity.

Limitations Of Stock Footage:

There is a good supply of ‘swim school’ photography and ‘baby massage’ photography available to purchase if you simply want an image of a massage class, or a teacher giving instruction, however understanding Calmababy’s brand, and the emotions they wanted to convey through their website meant we could focus the photography and videography on exactly what they wanted and provide an archive of material that exactly matched the vision they have of their company. The visual media we supplied was not simply and example of the classes they offered but was ‘experience’ focused.


Happiness Is

Calmababy’s new logo now features the new ‘happiness is’ strap line and their mobile responsive website is bright, vibrant and very image centric full of all our lovely photography which of course we love!

We are thrilled with the results! Our video is now completed, read our blog HERE.

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