Animation for business marketing and communication

Animation - Captivate viewers with creative animation.


Do you want your visual media to be different?

We get to the heart of your marketing strategy and create animated social, marketing and communication videos. We create Whiteboard, 2D or Motion Graphics.

Animations have the ability to communicate complex information in an engaging and creative way.

Motion Graphics

Based on 2D animation techniques, motion graphics allows us to improve the creative impact of your video.

Using motion graphics we can enhance and add additional context to live-action video content by using text and iconography.


Whiteboard animations are videos that appear to draw themselves. These animations are effective to explain complex processes, perfect for education or marketing to tell a complex story in a simple and engaging way.

Our videos are professionally scripted, can be produced in full colour, with voice over and licensed music.

Direction, Script and Voice

With professional direction, scripting and voice over we can create brand specific animations for your business goals.

Script Writing

'It all starts with a good story'. We use professional script writers to ensure your animations communicate the right messages and reach the right target market.

Our script writers have experience writing and developing screenplays for film and commercials, ensuring your animations are professional and powerful.

Voice Over

We have a range of options for professional voice over. With years of experience in the industry our artists can voice using different accents, age range and style to suit your target customer.

Using a professional voice enables us to communicate exactly what we need to reach the right audiences for your brand.