3D Tours with Integrated Conferencing

Multi User 3D Tours with Live Video

Sell your venue remotely with integrated video conferencing.

We are one of the first business in the UK to be able to integrate video conferencing technology with our virtual tours. 

Share Access to Your Property

With integrated conferencing you are able to share virtual access to your property anywhere in the world, on multiple devices with built in video conferencing.

  • Wedding Venues
  • Business Premises
  • Factory Spaces
  • Property Sales and Lettings

If you need to show clients around a property, you can have them right there with you to discuss features and benefits in real-time with built in live streaming.

Bring Venue Selling into The Digital Future

Showcase your property to multiple people in different locations. You are also able to hand over controls at any time to enable participants to explore the venue.

You are able to add multiple tours to your portfolio, giving you the ability to show clients around different venues during the same viewing window.

The great thing about our team is we’ve got the whole package covered; whether it’s location shoots (including drones and 360 cameras), video production, video editing, content marketing or lifestyle and documentary photography of your company at work.

Having Firetree provide the visual, will put the focus on your brand.

It’s the Story you Tell not the Product you Sell

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